What is the Best Candy Bar?


Kai Fox

The best Halloween candy, KitKat, has an iconic packaging many of us love and get excited to see once the Halloween season arrives.

After Halloween, many of us are stuck with leftover candy. Everybody has their own opinions about what their favorite candy bar is. Many people think of Snickers, Milky Way, or even Twix. But they are all wrong. The only candy bar deserving of the title of #1 Candy Bar is KitKat and KitKat alone.

KitKats are by far the ultimate candy bar —and here’s why. First off, they have the best texture. On the outside, a KitKat has a smooth and silky layer of chocolate that just effortlessly dissolves onto your taste buds. Then once you get further into this delicacy, you will hit three soft yet crunchy wafers that will bless your tongue with satisfaction until you need more. 

I know of no other candy bars that quickly allow you to share with your friends as well as KitKat. This candy bar enables you to share with your friends better than any others. This is due to the ease of breaking off one of the sides and sharing. This is a great way to make friends during the Halloween season.

KitKats have some of the largest variety in the world for candy bars. Let’s start with size. They come in at least 7 different sizes, which I would name, but that would take too long. KitKats also come in different flavors; you will not believe this, but it is true; there are hundreds of KitKats flavors. I know, right! These flavors go from Mint and Rasberry all the way to wasabi and soy sauce. Before assuming the worst about these uncommon candy flavors, I’d try it before you judge it. Most of these flavors are only sold in Japan and are extremely popular. In Japan, they use KitKats as gifts because they resemble a good luck charm.

KitKats are superior to other candies because they check all these boxes and more. KitKats are also very light, making them easy to eat. This is a lot better over something like a milky way, which is good but they have too much packed into them. Making them take a lot longer to chew and eat. Also, after you eat a KitKat, you do not feel a though you have consumed an entire cholate bar as other candy will make you feel this way.

You may be asking why a KitKat is superior to any other candy bar and I am here to answer that question. Let’s take a look at Snickers, also another one of the most popular candy bars. When a snickers bar gets cold, they become as hard as a rock leading you to chip a tooth if you try to take a bit out of one!. Also, snickers have barely any variety, especially compared to the variety that KitKats come in. Finally, it is almost impossible to share a Snickers with someone because if you try the chocolate on the outside, it will get all over your fingers; also, you will not even be able to spit it apart because of the pure strength that it takes to break it in half with your fingers is unimaginable. KitKats brings back a certain nostalgia. One great memory I have with KitKats is when I go snowboarding with my family, bringing some KitKats up for a little mid-boarding energy. It was great. They also remind me of a time when I was a child, going around my neighborhood dressed in my favorite costumes. The red packaging of a KitKat is iconic and one I know we all get excited to break off a piece. KitKats are simple yet delicate and unrivaled when it comes to being the ultimate candy bar.