School’s True Problem


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While students love to complain about school, the photos are the real problem.

Students tend to complain about school’s many problems, but they never mention the one true atrocity inflicted upon us: school photos. These dreaded picture days are torture to go through.

Have you ever seen a school photo that is flattering? I certainly have not. If a supermodel were to take a school photo then I promise you they would look ten times worse. No offense to the photographers, but they have got to change up what they do. For example, for my school photo, they made me pose with my legs and keep my hands in my pocket. This would be understandable if the photo wasn’t just of your shoulders and above. All that posing was for nothing.

That’s not the end of the posing, though. The photographers make you tilt your head at weird angles, like pointing your chin super far down and looking up with your eyes. I can’t tell if they’re actually trying to take an ugly photo. Also, they always take the photo when you aren’t expecting it. Right after you are set up with your pose, they take the photo super quickly and you’re done. It would be a lot better if they could at least give you a count down or something. If you were wanting to see my school photo, I wouldn’t show it to you because that would just be embarrassing. 

After they take this awful picture of you, you don’t get a chance to see it — at all. No retakes; they just move on to their next victim. At least they print the photo out on your school ID right away so you are not in suspense of how ugly you look this year. 

I have a question: why is it that I always forget the day the school photo is going to happen? The day that you are feeling ugly and not nicely dressed is always the day that there is a school photo. When you get to school it’s too late to do anything about it except to wait until next year’s school photo and hope you don’t forget again. 

On the rare occasion that you remember the school photo, there will be some other unfortunate event preventing you from looking good. For example, you will get a huge acne break out all over your face and you’re photo will be ruined, or it will rain on your way to school and you will be drenched for your photo. It is like some unnatural powers are out to prevent you from being able to get a good school photo. 

If somebody has good looking school photos, I hope you know that you have won the lottery. That would be incredible! Having a good school photo means that when your friends ask to see your school photo you can be proud and not ashamed. Also when the teachers are making seating charts and they use your faces to make them, you can be pleased for everybody to gaze upon all your glory. If you are a person who has good school photos, just know that you are one in a million and if you are not, then know that you are just like the rest of us suckers.