Is This the Best Waste of Time?



Is fantasy football the best way to pass time?

When it comes to filling time, many people use the same strategies for occupying themselves. They try to play on their phone, they try to start a conversation and even play board games. But none of those wastes time well. The true thing to speed up your wait is fantasy football. I have loads of time to waste with quarantine. Right now I am a manager of four different fantasy football teams. It is great! I also listen to fantasy football podcasts which waste my time tremendously quickly.

Fantasy football is the perfect time waster. You can play fantasy football with your friends and family. The competitive nature of the game will bring you closer to your friends and family as you seek to one-up each other and gain bragging rights. It is the perfect thing to do while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or while on a bus. It’s not a big-time commitment, but it’s there for you when you need to kill some time. 

Fantasy football makes it seem like you are not wasting your time at all; it’s absorbing and inspires you to become better.  Part of this is a desire to humiliate your friends and family by annihilating them. And, if you’re serious about it, fantasy football becomes ten times more competitive when you put money into it, therefore filling your time even more effectively. 

Once you’ve decided you’re in it to win it, fantasy football becomes more work. In order to succeed, you will need to do research. Doing so consumes even more of your time. You can spend hours reading articles, listening to podcasts and combing through player stats.  Not to mention if you have four hours to waste on a Sunday, you can watch football live. Tuning in to the games is great; you can see how your players are doing and relish in how badly you are crushing your opponents. 

Some people may ask why is this the best way to waste time? And to that, I say that fantasy football makes you feel more productive than something like a board game or a video game because you will be doing more research than anyone else in the league giving you a sense of accomplishment. Fantasy football will waste your time better than anything else but it is up to you to choose if you want that.