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What you might not realize 10 hours into your Grays Anatomy binge, is that you’re actively changing the way television is created.

Binge Watching’s Biggering: The Death of the Slow Burn

Sophii Sherman April 23, 2023

Ever since the year of 2007, Lord Netflix has provided needy audiences with thousands of hours of TV and movies, all available at the touch of a button. No more weeks of waiting for the next episode after...

The Boys returned with its third season in 2022, to universal acclaim. Licensed as promotional content.

The Boys is a Bloody Good Time

Lucca Swain, Social Media Director April 18, 2023

As of late, the general public has been asking an important question: “What the hell happened to superheroes?”. This sudden rise in cynicism can be attributed to Hollywood, whose constant spewing out...

Neatly-kept, long, black, braids are a staple of Wednesday Addams’ original character. Licensed as a promotional image.

“A Girl Has Only One Thing On Her Mind”

Jules Conners, News Editor April 18, 2023

Partially directed by Tim Burton, the comedic thriller Wednesday was released on Netflix on November 23, 2022. The chaotic mixture of comedy, horror and fantasy makes watching this show a monstrously good...

Netflix has not renewed Ginny & Georgia for a third season, although its second did exceptionally well in terms of views. Licensed under Creative Commons.

A Brutal Review of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia

Amelie Panaccione, Editor-in-chief April 18, 2023

Netflix has recently aired the show Ginny and Georgia, and it was disappointing, to say the least. Ginny and Georgia is about a relationship much like a thoughtless version of Gilmore Girls. Ginny is...

The next season of ALOTO is slated to be its last, with 4 episodes to the first seasons 8. With use by Creative Commons.

A League of Their Own is Truly in a League of Their Own (Sorry)

Hannah Cohen, Editor-in-chief April 18, 2023

A League of Their Own is perhaps the best television series I have ever seen. Loosely based on the movie, its heartwarming and heartbreaking narrative embraces its variety of characters while working in...

Westworld, A Glimpse Into the Future

Amelie Panaccione, Editor-in-chief September 21, 2022

Westworld is a compelling sci-fi show that brings awareness to the intricacies of human society. This captivating show aired in 2016 on HBO and made headlines for its controversial plotline and questionable...

Netflix continues to fund mediocre TV thats insulting to the viewers taste by discontinuing shows that are far better.

Netflix is Running Out of Good Ideas

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor August 15, 2022

A recent TikTok I watched told me to go 35 minutes into the fourth episode of a show called “Best New Cherry Flavor,” and I would not be disappointed. I was horrified at what I saw and baffled by what...

The release of the new Disney+ streaming provider has sparked debates over its similarities with competitor Netflix. Disney+ vs. Netflix.
By Henry St Leger(via

Is Disney+ Just a Cheaper Netflix?

Rob Trowe, Staff Writer January 7, 2020

Disney+ is the newest addition to the many options for video streaming services. It features the long-awaited Star Wars show The Mandalorian. It also includes every episode of The Simpsons, all movies...

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