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A quote from the wall of a physics classroom speaks for itself.

Is AP Physics the Hardest Class?

Norrie Boyd, Business Manager & Cartoonist January 21, 2022

I’ve recently been wondering what is the hardest class you can take at Boulder High. Is Mr. Trinkner's AP Macroeconomics class the most challenging? What about Calc BC with its ability to bring even...

Discussion is a quintessential part of life, so to not simply discuss a given topic is ridiculous.

Discussion is Dying

Cody McConnell, Sports Editor January 21, 2022

I have always loved a good argument. Another person's viewpoint can be thought provoking and helps build understanding, while also broadening one’s horizons for future discussion. Granting the right...

After SCOTUS heard Dobbs v. Jackson Womens Health Organization, protests sprang up around the country.

A Post Roe v. Wade Colorado

Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor January 5, 2022

Last week, the Supreme Court heard a case that has the fate of Roe v. Wade- and thereby the fate of reproductive rights in the United States -thrown into uncertainty. Fifty years ago, in 1973, the Court...

Another common tradition surrounding the evil eye is to have it hang over entryways, supposedly preventing evil from entering the space.

Appropriation & Spirituality

Alexa Dembo, Editor-in-chief January 5, 2022

Since the pandemic began, spirituality has observed a massive increase in popularity. People from all age demographics have found themselves drawn into the world of crystals, incense, and guardian deities....

Expressing yourself can be both a blessing and a curse.

Perspectives From a Man Bun-er

Cody McConnell, Sports Editor January 5, 2022

When I go home to my relatively conservative family on the East Coast, there is rarely a dinner where my man bun and bright attire aren’t mentioned. When I look around Boulder, I consider the way I present...

Students’ level mental health got worse as the pandemic forced schools to go online.

Why I Prefer In-Person Learning

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer January 5, 2022

After living through a year of online school, I can confidently say that it was the worst year of my high school experience. I’d log onto a class on Google Meet, listen to a teacher’s lesson, and they’d...

In politics, accountability is turning into more of an option rather than a necessity. As Republicans continue to back up this presidential bully, I can only laugh through my pain because these were the same Republicans who impeached former President Clinton for “high crimes and misdemeanors” for having inappropriate relations with his secretary, Monica Lewinsky.  

Is This the End of American Democracy?

Lauren Carvalho, Staff Writer April 2, 2020

When President Trump was acquitted on Feb. 5, I wasn’t surprised. In politics, accountability is turning into more of an option rather than a necessity. As Republicans continue to back up this presidential...

Torchys Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos

Rob Trowe, Staff Writer March 9, 2020

Torchy’s Tacos, one of the most popular taco restaurants in Denver is opening a new location in Boulder! Their newest location is replacing Turley’s Diner. Although it is sad that we must say goodbye...

A simple set up that all high school students need to succeed: Computer, Water Bottle, and Advil.

Preparing for College: An Uphill Road

Sydney Trebus, Business Manager February 25, 2020

College. A long, stressful, and intense process that seems to originate in the womb. Now, this may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but please, let me explain. College today is all about money; if you...

Adam Sandler stars as Howard Ratner in Uncut Gems. Photo via GabboT.

Why Uncut Gems Was Not The Movie For Me

Lara Spijkerman, News Editor February 25, 2020

Rotten tomatoes: 92 percent. IMDb: 8/10. Empire: 5/5. Lara Spijkerman: 4/10.  If you’re unaware of the basic premise of the movie Uncut Gems, here it is: Adam Sandler plays a jeweler named...

The eerily empty Pit, usually filled for games between male teams.

Sexism in Sports Viewing

Akasha Brahmbhatt, Webmaster February 20, 2020

As portrayed in movies, high school athletes tend to be praised in ways “average” students may never understand. Boulder High School does not fall flat in the participation of this treatment. I talked...

Boulder High. «Un lugar para todos ». Sin duda la mayor mentira que yo haya escuchado en mi carrera en el bachillerato.

Un Lugar para Algunos (Español)

William Ramirez Lopez, Guest Writer February 18, 2020

Translation in English. «Un lugar para todos ». Sin duda la mayor mentira que yo haya escuchado en mi carrera en el bachillerato.  Ahora bien, no me malinterpreten, hay varios lemas más postulados...

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