Lauren Carvalho
Lauren Carvalho is now a senior at Boulder High. While she likes Boulder High, she's never found a club or sport she was truly interested in pursuing in school. Lauren chose to join The Owl staff because she believes it is a great way to get involved with the Boulder High community, and journalism has always interested her. She is a great problem solver and thinks on her feet, so she will be a great addition to The Owl staff. When not at school, Lauren enjoys many typical teenage activities, such as listening to music, binging Netflix, and hanging out with friends. However, her true passion is for medicine. Over summer break, she attended the Johns Hopkins Student Ambassador program, and from there she fostered her passion by learning surgical techniques and touring nearby hospitals with educational programs. From this experience, she knows that she wants to pursue medicine in critical care. If anyone on The Owl needs medical assistance, Lauren will be a great asset as she is trained to give CPR. When offering Lauren a purple or green grape, she will gladly take the purple grape as she enjoys the noticeable contrast of the tart and sweet bursts of flavor. 

Lauren Carvalho, Writer

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Lauren Carvalho