The Art Within the VSCO

The many reasons why being a VSCO girl is a bit harder than it seem

100 2577 by echoesofstars via Creative Commons

100 2577 by echoesofstars via Creative Commons

While we may mock one of the biggest trends on social media, being a VSCO girl is a lot harder than what meets the eye. As my friends and I plotted out our group Halloween costumes, we realized that we would need to acquire more materials than we originally thought.

To dress and act like the true VSCO girl you were born to be, follow the steps below to achieve your #GOALS:

  1. Finding the correct size of a large shirt is more difficult than one might think. You want the shirt to be long enough that it covers your Nike shorts, but if it’s too baggy, you’ll end up looking like a potato sack. 
  2. Don’t attempt to find any of these shirts at Target or any other big-name brands. Raid all the thrift stores in Boulder to find your authentic style. This individualism will make you feel much more authentic! 
  3. Golden Hour!!!! Take as many possible pictures between 4 and 5 in the afternoon, as the glow of the sun will allow you to achieve the ultimate white girl picture. Post as many of these pictures as possible on your Instagram and Snapchat stories, as everyone wants to see how ‘naturally beautiful’ you are! Be sure to tag #GoldenHour #ChooseHappy. Other good captions include: ‘That’s wack,’ ‘Save the turtles,’ ‘Spill the tea, sis,’ and ‘Tumblr girls walked so VSCO girls could run.’
  4. Puka shell necklaces are a STAPLE to the VSCO girl image. Bonus points if you show up to school with a colorful, over-priced, under-sized Fjallraven backpack! 
  5. Birkenstocks, checkered Vans, and Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top sneakers are the only footwear you should own. Forget practicalityyou need to preserve your authentic VSCO image.

    23.01.2012 collection Vans by Tatiane Pontoal via Creative Commons.
  6. Stay woke. Avoid plastic straws at all costs, and if you encounter someone using such a treacherous item, be sure to hound them. Remind them that plastic is a sin, and they are the sole reason the turtles are dying. Through endless guilt trips, we can save our animal friends!
  7. Scrunchies, scrunchies, SCRUNCHIES!!!!! This is crucial. One must always live on your wrist, and you should invest as much money as possible in these bands, as you want variety for your outfits. Bonus points if you wear them in your hair!
  8. Lastly, Hydroflasksksksks. This is essential for completing your look. Make sure to decorate your overly-expensive flask (that your parents paid for) by painting crappy memes on them. When walking down the crowded hallways of Boulder High, be sure to hit as many students as possible when swinging your flask back and forth. Turtle sinners must pay!