Alexa Dembo
Lex Dembo is a staff writer for the second year and a newly appointed Arts and Entertainment Editor. She loves to cook and bake, especially all kinds of soup. In her spare time, she likes to read and play video games. Minecraft, in particular, is currently her most favored game. Hiking, mountain biking, and other various outdoor activities are also something that she enjoys. She also has lots of pets, including four cats and a snake. Although she loves science and wishes to pursue a career in this field, she still loves journalism and history. Lex is also a part of the BHS swim and dive team and does makeup for Troupe 60. She is very passionate about politics and all of the prevalent issues that have arisen and hopes to bring them more to the forefront of students’ minds through The Owl and its publications. On the topic of preferred grape type, Lex, though likes both kinds, harbors a taste for green grapes. Despite the difficulties that COVID-19 has caused in academics, Lex has hope that we will be able to produce an impressive spread of articles this year.

Alexa Dembo, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Alexa Dembo