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Leah Frankel is the Arts & Entertainment editor for The Owl and a senior at Boulder High School. Outside the bustling atmosphere of the newspaper room, she co-leads Navig8 at the Boulder JCC and volunteers at their Milk & Honey Farm. She’s a returning fellow at Kol Koleinu, a national Jewish-feminist group moving towards social work. Leah is a middle child of three girls and has been interested in both social justice issues and writing from a young age. In her free time, she loves to sing Ella Fitzgerald, paint, read at her cabin in Rocky Mountain National Park, hike with friends, and listen to a wide range of music! “I’m solidifying a real community here at The Owl. I can share my thoughts and opinions with the community I’m constantly surrounded by, forcing me to pay attention to my surroundings and stay involved. I’m obliged to be with amazing people that make even the most slight story worthy.”  It is also important to note that Leah is impartial to the color of grapes for temperature is clearly the most critical factor — only cold & crunchy grapes will do.


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Beyoncés 2022 album continued to wow audiences and critics but the Grammys did not grant it the famed Album of the Year award. Licensed as a promotional poster.

Beyonce: The Artist of Our Lives

Leah Frankel, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 23, 2023

With the Grammys recently wrapping up, there are a bundle of note-worthy events and yet, out of all of them, Beyoncé made the biggest history with 32 total Grammys—making her the most awarded artist...

Lessons From Frog & Toad

Lessons From Frog & Toad

Leah Frankel, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 14, 2023

Every person has a favorite childhood book. The family-loving Berenstain Bears or the sweet-slowness of Franklin the Turtle reminds readers of the woodland smell of Little Golden Books in their elementary...

Students wait in the grueling line to enter their school.

[Photo] An Identity Crisis

Jules Conners, News Editor October 12, 2022

Students wait in the grueling line to enter their school.

With the chances of a shooter having an ID, is this policy effective, or merely security theater?

Psst… the Doors Aren’t the Problem

Hannah Cohen and Leah Frankel September 20, 2022

A 9:30 bell shrieks as the class clambers to the dusty rows of the auditorium. Five hundred-plus students sit down for what is a new year of high school — a particular forte full of "hey over here!"...

The fables in Princess Mononoke, another Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece, are the perfect antidote to Septembers routines.

Cinema of the Season: September

Leah Frankel, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 19, 2022

As time passes and changes, so does our media. It is so easy to get caught in the web of mass-produced shows and filler noise — which distract from the intricacies of the world. With that, here are some...

A New Look at Learning

Leah Frankel, Staff Writer August 15, 2022

Immediately, when the phrase “rouge academic” is mentioned, the primary interpretation issues the idea of extreme change, tearing down the educational system, dethroning power systems, etc. In association...

The sizable agnostic population in Boulder tends to foster an apathetic culture surrounding religion, and this ignorance ostracizes believers and drives further polarization.

Even When it’s Painful, Pay Attention to Faith

Leah Frankel and Hannah Cohen August 15, 2022

Boulder is a decidedly agnostic place. While spiritual, the city lacks the same religious intensity that is prominent across its politics, culture, and societal structure. In this little microcosm, it’s...

Cinema of the Season – February

Leah Frankel, Staff Writer March 13, 2022

This is where I put all my thoughts on November. Thank you very much and good day to ya. Parasite - Bong Joon-ho There tend to be very few movies I believe to be worth the acclaim - Parasite...

The intersection of racism and horror runs deep, finding the roots of an evolving genre.

Racism & Horror

Leah Frankel, Staff Writer February 3, 2022

“Horror is a great way to see a society’s fears materialized as some fantastical theatrical experience”, states Robin R. Means Coleman. Known widely to shock and provoke thought, horror as a genre...

Upcoming Colorado Ski Season

Leah Frankel, Staff Writer January 23, 2022

Ski season. When it comes to choosing a mountain to ski at, the task becomes even more daunting - especially in the Rocky Mountains. Each person has their preferences for the terrain, whether moguls, trees,...

Cinema of The Season: November

Leah Frankel, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

Synecdoche New York - Charlie Kaufman Art is meaningless but means everything. Is producing art and establishing a legacy worth the suffering? Sometimes the inherent conflict to decide what is "worth...

Rethinking theory can offer insight on societal issues by making it more accessible to those who can use it most.

Rethinking Theory

Leah Frankel, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

It becomes easy, especially as a young person, to underestimate one's perception of complicated topics when discussing theory or literature. How are we expected to discuss political and class theory when...

Where Does the Term “Fruity” Come From?

Leah Frankel, Staff Writer November 9, 2021

As slurs and slang fold their way into our day-to-day lives, how important is it to identify and understand the deep-rooted history behind them? Phrases are adjusted and filtered down throughout many generations,...

The Earth Guy!

The Earth Guy!

Leah Frankel and Hannah Cohen October 1, 2021

As Boulder has grown as a community, there have been numerous people who have made their mark upon the town we live in currently. Whether that may be a family dog walker, protestors you’ve seen around...

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