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Tate Franz 23 hack squatting 270 pounds in order to get legs like C-bum.


Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer May 18, 2022

When one is considering a change in their body shape or size, what do they do? Well, they most likely will hit the gym, an urge that has swept the nation over the past couple of years, seemingly spiking...

The day before prom, Student Council passed out bracelets imploring students to avoid drinking and driving.

PROMulgating Safety

Kate Schwab, Staff Writer April 20, 2022

Prom is a milestone in the life of nearly every American teen. While this is supposed to be one of the happiest nights of high school, for some it can be anything but. Drugs, alcohol and traditions of...

Governor Polis signing into law a plastic bag ban. This ban fails to take into account the economic inequality of renewable bags being costlier, and broadening the gap between rich and poor.

The Climate Change Movement Needs a Reboot

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief March 14, 2022

Growing up, I was the typical Boulder kid who was always outdoors, so when I had the opportunity to get involved in climate change I jumped at it. It seemed like the perfect mix of helping the world and...

Dr. Hill has been principal of Boulder high for six years and now is leaving to pursue an administrative position in BVSD.

Bidding Adieu to Dr. Hill

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor March 14, 2022

After six years of being principal of Boulder High, Dr. Hill is leaving to pursue a new position as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for BVSD. He is a  Colorado Springs native, and has had...

Daylight savings time has existed for over a century- but does it actually serve anyone?

Daylight Savings Should Not Exist

Quinn Merrill, Staff Writer March 13, 2022

Every year, on or around March 13th and then again on or around November 6th, the time changes. In November, we set our clocks back an hour, and then, in March, we jump ahead an hour. This is used to save...

Boulder Valley School District lifted the mask mandate Tuesday, February 15th following the Boulder County Board of Health. BVSD has been in Phase 4 learning since March 2021.

BVSD Rescinds Mask Mandates

Annika Bjorklund , Editor-in-chief February 16, 2022

On Monday, February 14th, the Boulder County Board of Health voted to end the mask mandate from September 3rd, 2021. The rescinded order will go into effect in Boulder County on Friday, February 18th at...

I-70 continually gets backed up on the weekdays from over-congestion and the tricky mountain turns increase braking.

A Deep Dive on Traffic

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief February 3, 2022

Have you ever sat in traffic and wondered how it even happens? The usual answer to this question is that there are too many cars for the road's capacity; however, the origins of traffic are much more complex...

China’s foreign policy has become extremely abrasive in the past year.

China’s Aggression Is Getting Out Of Hand

Lucca Swain, Staff Writer January 23, 2022

As Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met on November 15th, tension loomed over the entire exchange. The two men had, for the past few months, been engaged in diplomatic conflict over a myriad of issues.  The...

You can register as an organ donor today at

I’m a Registered Organ Donor; You Should Be Too

Annika Bjorklund, Editor in Chief November 19, 2021

When my father was 31 years old, he was given the gift of life: a new kidney. After years spent at home on dialysis, this kidney was a new lease on life. My father moved out of his parents’ house, found...

The states losing seats after the 2020 Census are largely clustered in the Midwest and Tristate area.

The 2020 Census and Colorado’s Redistricting

Hannah Cohen, Staff writer May 12, 2021

On Monday, April 26, 2021, the Census Bureau released the results from the prolonged 2020 Census. Among the redistribution in the House of Representatives, Colorado gained a seat, which will be distributed...

Senior Car Parade: Sunday, May 16 at 9 a.m.

Senior Car Parade: Sunday, May 16 at 9 a.m.

Akasha Brahmbhatt, Editor-in-Chief May 5, 2021

The 2020-21 school year has been entirely different than any other. With online learning, no homecoming or haunted house, an unexpected sports season and many beloved traditions canceled, the class...

Aidan Atkinson’s name has been in the news a lot in the past year and a half. This is the first time that the news has seemingly been in his favor, but across the district and the county, many disagree with the verdict.

The Aidan Atkinson Trial: Found Not Guilty

Isabel Oliver and Akasha Brahmbhatt April 8, 2021

Disclaimer: This article mentions themes of sexual assault within BVSD that may be triggering for some readers. On April 7, 2021, former Fairview Quarterback Aidan Atkinson was found not guilty of sexual...

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