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Emergency responders blocked off Arapahoe as cars attempted to take students to school even 30 minutes after the initial call was made.

Fake Shooting Reported at Boulder High- Twice

Hannah Cohen, Editor-in-chief April 27, 2023

Before school started on Wednesday, February 22nd, Boulder High School went on lockdown. At 8:33 am, the non-emergency line at CU received an anonymous call from a person who said they were going into...

With the chances of a shooter having an ID, is this policy effective, or merely security theater?

Psst… the Doors Aren’t the Problem

Hannah Cohen and Leah Frankel September 20, 2022

A 9:30 bell shrieks as the class clambers to the dusty rows of the auditorium. Five hundred-plus students sit down for what is a new year of high school — a particular forte full of "hey over here!"...

Let’s Talk About Gun Control

Alexa Dembo, Staff Writer February 13, 2020

This past year had a melancholy beginning when a school shooting occurred only seven days into the new year. On January 7th, a 17-year-old student was killed outside their high school in Belmont, California....

Student Voices: Gun Violence

Student Voices: Gun Violence

Bryce Myers, Staff Writer October 15, 2019

Why are there more shootings now than ever in history? Is it gun laws, mental health care shortcomings, or a combination of these and other factors?    “Mostly because of misunderstanding...

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