Student Voices: Gun Violence

Student Voices is an ongoing column showcasing student opinions on a variety of current issues.


Bryce Myers, Staff Writer

Why are there more shootings now than ever in history? Is it gun laws, mental health care shortcomings, or a combination of these and other factors? 


“Mostly because of misunderstanding in the media. The media makes things worse than it is. Fake news can be misleading and shape people’s views. People only watch the news if it’s interesting, so the news makes the stories interesting.” – Lewis Mcgowan, Senior

“It’s a combination of both; there isn’t a lot of attention brought to mental health and it’s easy for people to get guns making it a big problem” – Ami Diatta, Freshman 

“Our society today drives people towards egotistical popularity contest. When people don’t get what they expect out of life; when they assign expectations to their life that are not met, they feel “sad.” This leads to mental health problems, and I believe this is the cause of the mental distress that may lead someone to commit an atrocity like a school shooting for attention.” –  Ryan Chaknova, Senior

Many students cited improper or inadequate mental health services as a root of the mass shooting crisis. Photo via Creative Commons.

“Mental health issues are a big part of school shootings; gun control is already in place but it’s not going to stop someone severely ill from getting a gun. I believe the reason there’s more school shootings is because the people that are messed-up aren’t getting enough support/help and they act out in an act of extreme violence.” – Soren Gagne, Sophomore 

“Not enough security. There should be walls and guards like a jail [in schools].” – Itamar Amsalem, Sophomore

“Mental health is the reason because not enough people are taught the value of life at any age.” – Erik Koons, Sophomore 

“It has to do with mental health not being taken care of and guns having an easy access, not buying guns but a lot of people’s parents have guns, so making guns harder to get won’t necessarily stop it you have to take into account mental health and work on improving that.”  – Theron Sovonal, Junior