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My name is Bryce Myers and this is my first time as a staff writer on The Owl. I  heard about The Owl from a friend and decided to try my hand at journalism as a fun and engaging alternative to traditional Language Arts classes. I hope to be an active contributor to the Opinion section of the paper, improve my writing with every story I publish, and get to know more people. While writing, I’ll often daydream of one of my personal heroes: my old wrestling coach, Gil Espinoza. Being a Vietnam vet, a retired firefighter chief, and an amazing coach, Espinoza has more than earned my admiration as a “certified badass.” I’m a senior at Boulder, and have been wrestling for the past eight years and will be competing in my fourth year on the varsity team this winter. When you can’t find me on the mat, I’m most likely out with friends. My favorite activities include hiking, exploring, and just enjoying all the nature that Colorado has to offer. Although all of this may lead one to think that I’m loved by all, I like purple grapes, and Miller dislikes that. 

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Students like Joe Mulligan start to struggle to stay on top of their work during second semester. However, it’s important that he stays on track otherwise he can fall behind and fail which could make colleges not accept him. Photo by Bryce Myers.

The Final Stretch: How to Stay Motivated

Bryce Myers, Staff Writer February 13, 2020

It’s now second semester; seniors are ready to leave high school, and everyone else is ready for summer. However, the year isn’t over yet and staying motivated to finish only becomes harder when everyone...

Jack Swanson, a senior at Boulder Prep, attended Liahona Academy for 19 months and since his return hes been visibly and emotionally affected by it. Photo via Bryce Myers.


Jack Swanson, a senior at Boulder Prep, attended Liahona Academy for 19 months and since his return he's been visibly and emotionally affected by it. Photo via Bryce Myers.

The toy aisle at an Arvada Walmart. Stores like Walmart and Target often get ready for the holiday season as early as the day after Halloween. Stores like them are filled with everything you could want to get or give. Photo courtesy of Bryce Myers.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Bryce Myers, Staff Writer December 27, 2019

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, the holiday season is coming up; if you’re worried about what to get for your friends and family, here are some options that are sure to impress.  If...

Sign used to promote the 2016 Trump and Pence election campaign. They worked together then, but will it still be that way come 2020? Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.   

The Worst Case Scenario: Trump vs. Pence

Bryce Myers, Staff Writer December 10, 2019

 The Donald Trump impeachment hearings started Nov. 13, and they are making both Democrats and Republicans happy that he might get out of office. However, if Trump is impeached, then that means Mike Pence...

Junior Theron Sovndal, who qualified for the wrestling state tournament last year, gets excited for his state final match. Photo courtesy of Dylan Tepedelden.

The Return of Boulder’s Best

Bryce Myers, Staff Writer November 24, 2019
Boulder High's wrestling team has made a big turn around from previous years. Last year their dual meet record was seven wins to one loss, and the previous year the team didn’t win any duals. Part of the reason why is because the team has grown pretty full, whereas years prior there were around seven kids...

Joker: Movie Review

Bryce Myers, Staff Writer November 8, 2019

The newest edition to DC Cinematic Universe is the highly acclaimed film Joker. Directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, this film could be one of the most artistic, if not the darkest,...

Student Voices: Gun Violence

Student Voices: Gun Violence

Bryce Myers, Staff Writer October 15, 2019

Why are there more shootings now than ever in history? Is it gun laws, mental health care shortcomings, or a combination of these and other factors?    “Mostly because of misunderstanding...

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