The Final Stretch: How to Stay Motivated


Bryce Myers

Students like Joe Mulligan start to struggle to stay on top of their work during second semester. However, it’s important that he stays on track otherwise he can fall behind and fail which could make colleges not accept him. Photo by Bryce Myers.

It’s now second semester; seniors are ready to leave high school, and everyone else is ready for summer. However, the year isn’t over yet and staying motivated to finish only becomes harder when everyone just wants to leave. It’s important not to fall behind because even though we’re almost done there is still enough time to mess up if you check out too early. How can students stay motivated to finish the year off strong when they’re suffering from senioritis? Well, it’s actually quite simple. 

Each month has a few breaks. Whether it’s three-day weekends, spring break or the testing schedules in April, each month you’ll have at least one break to look forward to. That means each month is actually not a full month of school, meaning you have less time to stress about it. To motivate yourself, instead of counting down the days until summer, try counting down the days until your next break. Doing that will make summer come by faster, and it’ll also keep you at peace because you’ll know you have a break soon. You can also set goals for yourself to keep you busy in between those breaks. Doing that can keep you in the moment, which will reduce your stress.

For seniors, senioritis goes into full force second semester, and it’s crucial that they stay motivated because if not, they can fall behind on scholarships or class. If a senior falls behind and fails a class, they could no longer be accepted to their college. That would be devastating, especially having worked so hard to get accepted just to lose it in the last semester of your high school career. Counselor Marc Goulet gave great advice to not fall behind: “I encourage people to keep their everyday schedule because you start thinking about summer, but you’re not done until you’re done so keep your habits the same”.