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Students like Joe Mulligan start to struggle to stay on top of their work during second semester. However, it’s important that he stays on track otherwise he can fall behind and fail which could make colleges not accept him. Photo by Bryce Myers.

The Final Stretch: How to Stay Motivated

Bryce Myers, Staff Writer February 13, 2020

It’s now second semester; seniors are ready to leave high school, and everyone else is ready for summer. However, the year isn’t over yet and staying motivated to finish only becomes harder when everyone...

The front of our often aggravating yet lovable school. Via Wikimedia Commons by Lady_Arwyn.

When All Hope Is Lost: The Reality of the High School Experience

Alexa Dembo, Staff Writer November 21, 2019

High school—the stage of life surrounded by mystery, excitement, and disappointment. Every demographic tends to have its own perspective on what they believe high school is genuinely like. This ranges...

Boulder High. Supposedly, a place for everyone. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest lie of my high school career.

Seniors Are Made of Glass: The Real Reason Behind the Infamous Senior Moodiness

Lauren Carvalho, Staff Writer November 15, 2019

It’s my fourth and final year at Boulder High, and at last, I understand why seniors are mad at the world and bitter toward the other classes.  When I was but a lowerclassmen, the pressures of school...

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