Jac McCarty
A senior at Boulder High, Jac has had an interest in journalism since her middle school years, an interest which has only been exacerbated by the current presidential stance against honest reporting. This year, she hopes to improve her own writing skills and help The Owl gain a more sizable readership.

In class, Jac has a healthy interest in math and science and a slightly more bizarre interest in discovering and inventing Latin insults she will probably never use. She also spends a fair amount of time tutoring and taking the bus.

When she’s not at school or doing homework, Jac enjoys reading, cooking, and defending the stylistic usage of sentence fragments. And while some Owlies may disagree with her, she will continue to hold strong in her grape-related beliefs that 1) raisins are a kindergartener-approved form of torture, and 2) that purple grapes will always be better than green.

Jac McCarty, Editor-in-Chief

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Jac McCarty