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Jac McCarty, Editor-in-Chief

A senior at Boulder High, Jac has had an interest in journalism since her middle school years, an interest which has only been exacerbated by the current presidential stance against honest reporting. This year, she hopes to improve her own writing skills and help The Owl gain a more sizable readership.

In class, Jac has a healthy interest in math and science and a slightly more bizarre interest in discovering and inventing Latin insults she will probably never use. She also spends a fair amount of time tutoring and taking the bus.

When she’s not at school or doing homework, Jac enjoys reading, cooking, and defending the stylistic usage of sentence fragments. And while some Owlies may disagree with her, she will continue to hold strong in her grape-related beliefs that 1) raisins are a kindergartener-approved form of torture, and 2) that purple grapes will always be better than green.

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‘Velocipastor’: The Embodiment of “So Bad it’s Good”

Jac McCarty, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 2, 2020

Let’s get one thing straight: Velocipastor is not in any way, shape, or form a good movie. But when a film’s premise centers around an orphaned priest that turns into a dinosaur to fight crime, that...

BHS junior Sophie Katz designed this sticker as the official logo for this year’s Boulder Arts Week. She said she made it as a tribute to one of her friends. “He was diagnosed with cancer this year. And hey found it in his hip and his lungs. And hes one of my close friends, and I wanted to do something because I knew it was like a sticker that a lot of people would see. I wanted to do something in contribution to him, so thats why its a torso with a ribcage and pelvis. And one side of it is like a butterfly and flowers because he relapsed again this year.”

Boulder Arts Week Springs into Action

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief March 22, 2020

When you think of art, what do you imagine? Oil paintings? Maybe Picasso’s funky-looking cubism or that one Monet exhibit you saw in Denver? Whatever your definition, Boulder Arts Week (scheduled...

Boulder High Student’s Arraignment Postponed to May

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief March 9, 2020

Editor’s note: The charges against this defendant were dismissed and the records in this case were sealed by a judge. As a result, The Owl has elected to remove the defendant’s name from this article. A...

A Boulder High senior appeared in court for his preliminary hearing. The student stands accused of a Class IV felony sexual assault against a classmate.

[Photo] Sexual Assault Preliminary Hearing: What There is to Know

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief February 13, 2020

A Boulder High senior appeared in court for his preliminary hearing. The student stands accused of a Class IV felony sexual assault against a classmate.

 Prior to the sexual assault awareness and support walkout, sentences supporting survivors and reprimanding the district were spray-painted across the campus only to be haphazardly removed during the protest.

Consent: A Black and White Issue

Jac McCarty, Editor-in-Chief January 25, 2020

Consent. It’s an idea that, more often than not, adheres to the time-tested saying of ‘you know it when you see it.’ Many cases are clear-cut. Black and white. A woman saying no. Powder slipped...

AP Literature, the College Board and You

Jac McCarty, Editor-in-Chief January 25, 2020

AP courses. We all know the drill. They prepare you for college, offering university-level curricula in nearly 40 different subjects to high school students across the globe. However, many students also...

Cramfest has been a staple of freshman study-time for years now--but is it actually helpful or is it just another sham?

[Photo] Cramfest is a Sham

January 26, 2020

Cramfest has been a staple of freshman study-time for years now--but is it actually helpful or is it just another sham?

The school mascot, known simply as The Panther, stands before a mural of their namesake.

The Ultimate Panther

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief January 7, 2020

From CU’s beloved “Chip” to the Baltimore Raven’s vaguely terrifying “Poe,” mascots are a staple of organized athletic events. Until last year, our resident man behind the mascot was the now-graduated...

Beginning at 11:00 a.m. at Union Station, the march proceeded through Denvers streets all the way to the Capitol building itself.

Students Strike and Sit-In Against Climate Change

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief December 16, 2019

DENVER, Col., Dec. 6—Four Boulder High students staged a sit-in at the Capitol building today, alongside over a dozen members of the Sunrise Movement, a youth climate activism group.  Protestors...

Lack of Decency Proves Controversial

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief November 24, 2019

With the predicted success of the Justice Department’s immigrant DNA extraction proposal, the Trump administration has decided to take things up a notch. This new proposal, if passed, would allow federal...

Sophomore Leo Servetar shows off his rainbow socks at a September GSA meeting.

GSA: New Year, New Name

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief October 22, 2019

As of this year, the Gay-Straight Alliance no longer exists. Instead, it has been reborn as the Gender-Sexuality Alliance. Sophie Rubin, one of GSA’s co-presidents, said that the club had previously...

Boulder High members of the Sunrise Movement were some of the first to arrive to the protest, getting there nearly an hour before it officially began.

Global Climate Strikes Come to Denver

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief September 23, 2019

Over 7,500 protestors gathered in Denver to protest climate change last Friday, joining the wave of climate strikes occurring around the world. One of the major coordinators of the event was the Sunrise...

The Trouble With Getting Out Of the Rain

The Trouble With Getting Out Of the Rain

Jac McCarty, Writer May 15, 2019

Ah, spring. A time of birdsong, snowmelt, and income taxes. If you’re a senior, spring also happens to entail a certain cap and gown event. However, spring is classically a time for change, and some...

Top row (left to right: Sophie Park, Ava Rast, Bryn Rogers, Frida Jore, Abbie Gillach, Anika Boyer, Emma Bagley, Amy Howe.
Middle Row (left to right): Grace Callahan, Sophia Ottinger, Marley Santos, Mary Smith, Lili Stevens, Maia Scott.
Bottom row (left to right): Ellory Boyd, Natalie Ryan

The Ultimate Extracurricular

Jac McCarty, Writer April 30, 2019

Some newspaper articles are good. Some newspaper articles are great. And some get started at the beginning of a season and don’t get wrapped up until the very end. That’s just how life goes sometimes. In...

Curiosity Makes a Comeback in BHS Robotics Competition

Jac McCarty March 16, 2019

From C3PO to Curiosity the Mars rover, robots abound in real life and pop culture alike. And why shouldn’t they? As of today, nearly half of all jobs require some degree of technological skills, and...

Scammers for Crammers

Jac McCarty March 11, 2019

Imagine a normal morning. You wake up, scrub your teeth with foamy blue gel to get rid of your morning breath, then proceed to stare dazedly at a pile of mail because who still sends letters in this day...

Cram Fest: Must or Bust?

Jac McCarty December 12, 2018

Ah, finals week. The only time of the year that manages to stamp out the magic of the holiday season with that unique dread of sitting down for a test you decided to wing, however ill-advised. And as...

A Breakdown of AP Classes

Jac McCarty November 28, 2018

Let’s face it: unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of AP classes. As of now, Boulder High School offers one of the most comprehensive AP curriculums...

Women in Football

Women in Football

Jac McCarty October 23, 2018

It’s no secret that there’s quite a bit of gender disparity in the sports world. But from pay gaps to sheer gender ratio, no sport holds a candle to football, with nearly no college-sponsored women’s...

A Summer Reading Gone Sour

Jac McCarty October 22, 2018

Over the summer, this year’s freshmen class was given award-winning Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See to read at their own discretion. The number of them that actually finished it will have...

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