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Clara Thomas, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Clara Thomas is a senior at Boulder High, and she’s excited to be a part of the Owl again. She hopes to bring a love of writing, as well as a passion for the arts, to the newspaper. Said passion is apparent in her activities outside of school, which include ballet, violin, and art. In the little free time she has, she enjoys reading, getting tea with friends, researching any topic that interests her, and listening to music or audiobooks while playing unhealthy amounts of solitaire. While she believes no fruit could compare to raspberries, in a life-or-death situation she would choose green grapes over purple.

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A player for BHS Flower Power team guards an opponent during an intense point against Monarch.

Spring’s Ultimate Sport

Clara Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor July 7, 2022

Spring is upon us; snow is melting, students count down the days left in the year, and spring sports, including ultimate frisbee, are kicking off their seasons once more. Beginning next week, the spring...

The Racist History of the Rhodes Scholarship

Clara Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 9, 2022

Nearly every student has heard of the Rhodes Scholarship, a prestigious international award that, according to the Rhodes House, “supports exceptional young people for postgraduate study at the University...

Animation: A 3-Decrease in Quality

Clara Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 1, 2021

Like many children my age who grew up in that specific gray area before the domination of iPhones and other electronics, I was raised on cartoons. A strange mix of PBS Kids, 3D animated movies and old...

Art by @mapartche based off of the prompt for day 8 of Mindtober, a challenge created by 
via @mapartche

The Inktober Controversy Continues

Clara Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 18, 2021

Christmas for artists has come again; it’s October, and artists everywhere are pulling out their inks, apple pens, paints and pencils as many participate in the famous annual art challenge, Inktober....

A photorealism paint of Mother Theresa by Palou

The Artistic Merit of Photorealism

Clara Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 2, 2021

Being generally passionate about the arts, I’ve spent plenty of time studying different art mediums, movements and styles. Throughout history, there have been many artistic movements, some more well...

An example of Inktober Art by Lisa Schmidt (aka Mullana.) The art is an anthropomorphism of Wikipedia.

The Inktober Controversy

Clara Thomas, Staff writer October 20, 2020

Since its creation in 2009, the annual "Inktober Challenge" has gathered many participants of varying skill levels. By providing a new prompt every day in October, the challenge encourages artists to draw...

What To Know Before Reading Moby-Dick

Clara Thomas, Staff writer October 8, 2020

Many are familiar with the story of Ishmael, Queequeg, Captain Ahab and the infamous white whale. Some can even recite the first line, “Call me Ishmael." The story is commonly cited as the Great...

COVID-19 Has Boulder Ballet Dancing to a New Tune

Clara Thomas, Staff writer October 2, 2020

Since the start of COVID-19, many businesses have had to adapt their services to better fit the new guidelines. However, Boulder Ballet–a ballet company and school–faces additional obstacles as they...

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