Miller Dunbar
Miller Dunbar, a staff writer on The Owl this year, is really interested in international relations and political science and thinks that journalism would be a fascinating career path. This year, she hopes to be a leader in the Opinion section and to improve the quality and variety of her writing. In her free time, Miller enjoys playing volleyball, fishing with her little brother, biking (specifically on a tandem), and watching Spanish Netflix. She regularly listens to podcasts, her favorite being Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, an inspiration in her life because he is a brilliant writer and a "straight-up genius." Fluent in Spanish, Miller worked this past summer as an English teacher at a camp in Granada, Spain. She is also a very expressive talker, sometimes using her hands instead of her words (usually not in a violent way). While her hand gestures work perfectly when communicating with her adorable dog Dusty, her peers are often not as intuitive. Luckily, Miller has been accepted by her peers because of her preference for the superior, dominant, and omnipotent fruit -- green grapes.



Miller Dunbar, Editorials Editor

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Miller Dunbar