Luke Leiden
Luke Leiden is a senior at Boulder High School and a new recruit to the BHS Owl team. Although Luke enjoys a variety of subjects and disciplines of knowledge, there is a special place in his heart for journalism and the power that it holds in modern society. Luke hopes to grow a lot as a writer and team player during his time in the newspaper, while also refining additional leadership and professional skills. In his free time, Luke enjoys torturing his body through long runs and sprint workouts, reading novels about post-apocalyptic societies, and sleeping through Netflix Originals. He also loves spending time with friends and family in the rain, ideally while hiking or attempting to construct a tent, and imagining he attends private school in Spain. Most importantly, Luke adores music of all varieties and works tirelessly to cultivate his Spotify feed, but unfortunately, due to his preference for lit hypo bangerz, is rarely given aux. Luke hasn’t eaten a grape in several years but seems to remember a particular affinity for those of the green variety.

Luke Leiden, Webmaster & Social Media Director

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Luke Leiden