Larson Burak
Larson Burak is a senior this year and a new addition to the OWL’s staff. Writing has always been something that he enjoys, especially when taking a creative approach. Larson joined the OWL to connect more deeply with the Boulder High community and gets super excited to report on the people, places, and things that make Boulder such a cool place to be. Larson has played soccer for Boulder High all four years that he’s attended, and loves to go outside and be active. He enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time with his dog, Stella, who is always ready for a walk. When Larson isn’t out of the house, he likes listening to music, including(but not limited to) genres such as classic rock, funk, folk, and blues. Larson plays the fiddle, and bluegrass can often be heard from his car window. Movie nights are one of Larson’s favorite weekend activities, and many a Saturday night will find him at the theater with his friends or crashed on the couch with a box of Milk Duds, his favorite candy. Larson’s sweeter snacking habits are complemented by his deep appreciation for purple grapes.

Larson Burak, Sports Editor

Sep 15, 2020
Another Ding to 2020 Or Saving One to Your Car? (Story/Media)
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Larson Burak