Biden’s Back, Babey!


Creative Commons via CC BY SA-2.0

Presidential candidate Joe Biden had a lot to say to President Trump on a Tuesday night’s debate.

Good news politics junkies, drama enthusiasts and people with too much time on their hands. The President Biden we know and tolerate is back! 

On the campaign trail, Biden played into the current political sensationalism that America pretends to hate but secretly craves. Politics is a show, performance art, a football game for the less-athletically inclined. For the first year of his presidency, Biden shied away from what viewers want. Now, thankfully, he’s back in the circus.

It all started on January 6th, when Biden gave Trump the smackdown we’d all been waiting for. For the past year or so, the president has been remarkably diplomatic about the man whose brash horribleness gave him his presidency. On the campaign trail, Biden certainly displayed his frustration, calling Trump a clown and ultimately basing his entire ticket on being the anti-Trump. 

So Biden’s first year was a pretty big letdown in terms of character continuity. He put his head down and attempted to do whatever it is that makes politics boring but vaguely important, like building bridges and encouraging life-saving medical advancements. He made the biggest mistake an entertainer can make- he let his opponents into the spotlight. It was the year of Joe Manchins, Lauren Boeberts, and Tucker Carlsons. Biden’s only press was bad press- Afghanistan, two huge Covid waves, Obama’s ill-advised birthday party.

That’s why January 24th marked a turning point in the Biden Administration. After too long playing bureaucracy as politics, Biden reentered the arena with the stunning  “live mic” incident. A Fox News reporter, doing his job reporting on issues people don’t really care about but getting them riled up (not unlike this article), asked the president whether inflation was a political liability. “Absolutely not, you stupid son of a bitch,” responded Biden (the latter purportedly under his breath).  

Rejoice! The White House is a soap opera once more. The last federal election didn’t have one of the biggest turnouts for nothing- the people have had their say; clearly, it’s that politics must be as interesting, as violent, as palpably revolting yet entrancing as those weird pimple popping videos. This is America, where we like our commercials more than our football. We demand that straight-jacket boring politics be a thing of the past.