Biden’s Retorts, Rated


Creative Commons via CC BY SA-2.0

Presidential candidate Joe Biden had a lot to say to President Trump on a Tuesday night’s debate.

The first presidential debate between former Vice President Biden and President Trump last night was full of interruptions and false statements. Trump is known for his abrasive style and he stayed true to character; he talked over Biden and demanded to speak after Biden even when his agreed-upon time was over. Biden retorted with a variety of frustrated insults, which perhaps were the most tolerable parts of the debate. They varied in creativity, frustration and amusement, so I’ve compiled a ranking of Biden’s best comebacks. 

You’re the worst president America has ever had”  (during the taxes segment)

Accurate, but not creative. Not particularly audible. 6/10

Putin’s puppy”  (during his segment on Trump’s record)

Very creative and the use of alliteration makes it catchy. Could have added an extra word for emphasis—might I offer “Putin’s pathetic puppy?” 8.5/10

It’s hard to get in any word with this clown, excuse me, this person”  (during the taxes segment.)

While less astute commentators might prefer Biden’s quote where he didn’t “correct” himself, this one shows snark, imagination and creativity. 9/10

Oh, give me a break, man”  (during the COVID-19 segment)

Terrible comeback to a personal attack. Points for saying “man” in the exact same tone that snowboarders do on powder days. 3/10

Weird laugh  (whenever Trump spoke in his own allotted time, more or less)

Good at showing disbelief. The best one was when Chris Wallace (the moderator) and Biden shared the weird laugh. 8/10

You should get out of your bunker and get out of the sand trap and get [off] your golf course(during the COVID-19 segment)

Doesn’t roll off the tongue. Slightly repetitive. Successful in its attempt at getting under Trump’s skin. 7/10 

Everybody knows he’s a liar(during the healthcare segment)

Very accurate—in fact, Trump lied many times during the debate itself. The comment wasn’t creative, but it was made better by how wide Biden’s eyes got when he said it. 6/10

Will you shut up, man(during the Supreme Court segment)

Proving he can represent the people by saying what was one everyone’s mind. How I wish Hillary Clinton could have said this too. 10/10


To quote Jake Tapper, “That was a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.” Hopefully, Biden will polish his insult game for the next two debates.