1:Web @ BHS


Quinn Merrill

Boulder High librarian Becky Vancura proudly displays the many brand new Chromebooks that are still waiting to be picked up by BHS ninth graders.

The 2021-2022 school year has posed new challenges for the school to come up with innovative solutions. Last year one of the major concerns with online school was the lack of a means for doing school in many students’ households. To combat this issue from arising this year the school has issued computers for all first-year students to keep throughout their high school careers. Boulder High is one of the last schools to adopt this program, which hopes to give students devices to use for school. 

Monarch High School paved the way for the implementation of the program in schools back in 2017. Now Boulder High students will have to pay a $45 fee at the beginning of the year to cover the Chromebooks they will receive. 

Considering COVID-19 and the last two years online, many students were without devices in quarantine. Now that school is back in-person admin is trying to solve the problem they faced in quarantine, a lack of devices.

Personal devices will offer tremendous support for students, by maintaining a means of doing school or just studying and homework, students will have more freedom to work in school where they please. They will also gain the ability to work from home and stay caught up should they miss school for COVID-19 or other reasons. 

The One to Web program seems to be a positive step towards a more educationally equitable school. Diversifying resources for students will surely lead to expanding opportunities for our entire community at Boulder High.