Airline Food is Better Than Michelin Star Restaurants

Trust me. Airplane food is actually amazing.

Cole Drozdek

Trust me. Airplane food is actually amazing.

I know…airline food has such a bad reputation, but hear me out.

I know the chicken tastes like rubber and the pasta is oddly overcooked and most people stay away from sky-high food. I, on the other hand, love airline food, and a couple of dishes have carved a special place in my heart. As much as that sounds odd—and it is—the food is actually pretty tasty when you are starved. 

For those of you who travel on any other airline than United or Lufthansa, I cannot speak to the level of the tastiness of the food. However, when traveling on the listed airlines overseas, I always find myself enjoying the bread bun—yes, a basic bread bun. The consistency of fluff inside the bun is comparable to a Michelin Star restaurant. The puffy dough melts on your tongue and the crusty outside of the bun adds a nice contrast. This bread bun has gotten me through the treacherous hours upon hours of an overseas flight. And as an avid food enthusiast, I have been to more than a handful of Michelin Star restaurants. With certainty, I can say that airline food is better than Michelin Star restaurants. 

My favorite main course is a regular plate of lemon salmon and rice. My tastebuds were watering when I saw this dish. The salmon wasn’t too dry and edible which is always a plus, the rice was nicely cooked and a tad bit crunchy which I like to think of is the Asain version of al dente pasta. On the side, I enjoyed a nice glass of flat ginger ale with too much ice. 

In the dessert portion, I have had everything from stroopwafels to macarons. I do enjoy a stroopwafel as a conclusion to the meal when it doesn’t make me throw up. The overly sweet sensation my tastebuds experience can take me on an adventure to the bathroom. However, the macarons were exceptional with a hard exterior which gradually gets softer as you get in the middle. By far this is my favorite dessert I have ever tasted.

Airline food is one of many surprises airlines grant, keeping the flyer on their toes on whether the food will be edible or not.