Rob Trowe
Rob Trowe joined the Owl with the hopes of improving his writing skills as well as the ease in which he can approach and interact with strangers. Not many people strive to be able to interact with random strangers, but it is a key aspect of journalism. Rob's hope is to improve this skill set over the next year. Outside of school, one of his greatest passions is 3D printing. Although he only started it six months ago, he enjoys designing his own pieces. However, he also is not opposed to printing things for his friends. He takes his ideas from various things he finds, like books, magazine, and the internet. He finds these ideas and says "I can make that!" With this positive mindset, he crafts his intricate printing designs. Even though he is a master of the 3D printer, he does have his own struggles. When it comes to screwing and twisting bolts, the ability to distinguish left and right completely vanishes. Thankfully, it is not a day-to-day problem, but solely a hindrance to any sort of assembly involving bolts. The most important thing to keep in mind about Rob is his passion for green grapes.

Rob Trowe, Writer

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Rob Trowe