Know it Owl: The Foolproof Guide to Investment

This year, the newspaper has decided to create an investment portfolio where Kate and Charlie invest a hypothetical 100,000 dollars in the stock market. We have curated a 20-stock portfolio of diverse and relevant stocks that could be worthwhile investments. Over the next couple of months, we will update these stocks’ statistics and analyze their volatility, earnings per share and returns. Additionally, we’ll publish articles about changes within the companies and how they have affected stock price and overall success. We picked the stocks to make a diverse portfolio that will hopefully be an accurate representation of how different sectors of the market will be affected throughout the year. We have selected stocks ranging from social networking, conglomerates, ecommerce, cloud communications, manufacturing, telecommunications, oil and gas, and more. 

However, we won’t just focus on just these stocks; future columns will highlight important news in both the domestic and foreign stock markets. Starting to invest in the stock market can be extremely daunting for those who are not familiar with how it works. Our goal is to make investing more accessible through careful explanations and analysis that follow basic and understandable logic chains. In fact, we have a column in this week’s print edition on benefits of investing in a Roth IRA.


Investment Column’s Hot 20 Stocks 

  1. Facebook- $362.99 – Social Networking
  2. Alphabet (Google)-$2831.97 – Conglomerate
  3. Etsy-$227.31 – Ecommerce
  4. Danaher-$324.99 – Conglomerate
  5. Amazon-$3458.28 – Ecommerce
  6. Twilio-$350.98- Cloud Communications
  7. ZoomInfo-$68.00 – Virtual Meeting
  8. Thermo Fisher-$598.01- Lab Manufacturing
  9. Crowdstrike-$262.14 – Cybersecurity
  10. Charter Communications-$760.98 -Telecommunications
  11.  Sabre Corporation $11.27- Telecommunications
  12.  NOV Inc $12.38 – Oil and Gas Equipment
  13.  Tenneco Inc. $13.41 – Automotive Equipment
  14.  Frank’s International $2.79 – Oil and Gas
  15.  Advanced Micro Devices $102.69 
  16.  Upstart Holdings $325.56- Online Lending Service
  17.  Wesco International $110.22 – Electrical Distribution
  18.  Polaris $116.52 – Vehicle Manufacturer
  19.  Kinaxis $149.99 – Software
  20. Quisitive Technology Solutions $1.09