Boulder High’s annual Cramest is happening next week on Thursday, December 9th. Cramfest is an opportunity for freshmen to study, ask teachers questions and get help from their peers in preparation for finals week. Boulder High supplies pizza as an incentive for students to attend.

Cramfest is a valuable resource to students who wish to ask last-minute questions regarding their coursework. Following Thursday, there will be no more advisory periods before finals week. Although the finals week schedule includes late starts, long lunches and early release, there is no official time during which students can meet with teachers. If teachers meet with students at this time it is at their discretion.

The weight of Boulder High finals usually falls within the ten to fifteen percent range, meaning that students should aim to do their best or risk dropping a letter grade. Doing well can also bring students up a letter grade. Utilizing all available study materials before finals is key in being successful next week.

Recently, students have been promoting Cramfest to be available to all grade levels. Senior Ellie Myatt says, “Senior year is very hard and there’s so much other stress going on that having a little more support from teachers and more time to access resources would make a big difference.” Every grade level has finals, so many students think that more availability would be extremely beneficial.
With classes back in full swing since Boulder High is fully in-person, students should take advantage of these in-person resources.