Senior Pet Peeves

Every person has a list of qualities and conditions they hate to see in the people around them. Whether it is bad breath, talking during a movie, someone biting their nails, overlooking somebody else when they are on their phone, or something more eccentric than that. Those things generally annoy someone more than the average person. Boulder High is no different. 

We decided to go out and ask some seniors at Boulder High what their pet peeves are. There were quite a few similarities between different people’s pet peeves. For example, three of the students said that chewing loudly was their biggest pet peeve. One student said that a person eating with their mouth open is her biggest pet peeve and another person said that a person clearing their throat in silence is her biggest pet peeve. Another three people said that poking and pointing were their biggest pet peeves. Two more seniors said that people walking slowly was their biggest pet peeve. 

While most of the above pet peeves are things most people would find annoying, we also found some answers that were pretty out of the ordinary. Sarah Banks, ‘22, said that an unnecessary use and overuse of exclamation points was her biggest pet peeve. I guess she doesn’t want people to be happy. On the other hand, Phoebe Hatch, ‘22, said that people using the sad face emoji was another pet peeve of hers. I guess she doesn’t want people to be unhappy around her. While it might seem that Sarah and Phoebe wouldn’t get along with each other because their pet peeves were opposites, they were sitting together having lunch when we approached them. Lilah Blackburn, ‘22, said that people drinking from a hydro flask around her were her second biggest pet peeve. Funny enough, she had a hydro flask with her name on it next to her. 

Whether your pet peeve is a universal annoyance or unique only to you, we all have them. Just make sure not to be happy around Sarah Banks or to be sad around Phoebe Hatch.