It’s Far Too Soon For Hallway PDA


Cole Drozdek

Many people have fallen victim to the draw of hallway makeout sessions, but in the time of COVID-19, are these public displays of affection appropriate?

In the past year, many common traditions at Boulder High, such as prom and pep rallies, have been tragically lost. But not everything we’ve missed out on has been bad. Don’t believe me? Just ask those of us who were around during the days of witnessing full-on makeout sessions while walking to the cafeteria. 

Alas, as students return to in-person learning four days a week and are tightly packed in classrooms like sardines, many have started to become more comfortable with one another. Though human connection is much needed, especially during these isolating times, the public displays of affection are slowly returning and have already gone too far. Although it has been over one year since our last day of normalcy at Boulder High, it is still too soon for us to return to the days of groping and grinding in the crowded hallways. 

With masks and social distancing, PDA-ers have had to get creative. Smooching through fabric, lacing fingers from three feet away and a large amount of overly passionate hugs are only a few examples. Of course, some couples can’t be stopped. If they want to PDA, COVID-19 won’t stand in their way. 

Young love is often full of passion. Privacy is hard to come by; you don’t have your own place or your own life—heck, you barely even have a developed mind. But if you’re going to PDA, please at least go outside. Your math teacher doesn’t want to see you touching tongues. Dr. Hill doesn’t need the image of you and your S/O holding sweaty palms. Your classmates and peers want what’s best for you, but they don’t want to be a permanent third wheel. 

We’re all guilty of the occasional slip-up, the light caress of a shoulder, or the hesitant embrace. But it’s those who plan a meet-up and makeout that surprise me. Under the science wing stairs, across from theatre doors in the lobby, people surrounded the courtyard. You get some action, and everyone around you must watch! Seems fun… right? 

Aside from the element of discomfort that goes hand in hand with PDA, there are some more obvious health and safety concerns that a pandemic creates. PDA is rarely COVID-19 safe. Whether it be full-on swapping spit or just rubbing one another’s germs together in a passionate embrace, the exposure seems like a lot on top of the issue of interacting with thousands of people every day. 

For these reasons and many more, hallway PDA seems like it should belong over. So, my friends, this is my polite request, for the sake of all of our eyes, to leave PDAs as a thing of the past!