Stella’s Suggestions: Volume I

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Hi there! Welcome to volume one of Stella’s Suggestions, where you tell me what’s been troubling you and I do my best to help!

I’m scared of over-fixating on the people I like but I think I actually see something happening with the guy I’m talking to right now. Do I tell him what’s going on or try to push away a little bit so that I don’t get attached?

In my experience, honesty is the best policy. And, if you’re a senior like me, you absolutely don’t want to get too attached before we all go our separate ways. Tell him how you feel! Additionally, I’m the queen of getting too attached. Make sure you put things into perspective and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 

I can’t get over the fact that nobody will hang out with me during my senior year of high school.

This is a hard year for everyone, especially with socializing. I would recommend reaching out to people! Many people, including me, have been struggling with reaching out. There’s no shame in making the first move! I promise it’ll be worth it.

All of my friends hang out with people I don’t like. How am I supposed to tell them that?

I’ve been in this position before and in my experience, if they’re truly your friends they would understand. If you have a legitimate reason for disliking these people, I’m sure they’ll show you sympathy. If not, these aren’t your friends.

It’s not too terrible but I have a friend WHO WON’T STOP PLUCKING HER EYEBROWS and they’ve gotten to the point where you can barely see them. How do I tell her without sounding like a mean lady THAT SHE NEEDS TO STOP?

You may think you’re being mean, but one day she’s going to look back at old photos of herself and wonder why nobody ever told her to stop. Everyone goes on their own eyebrow journey, but most of which usually conclude with advice from a friend. Be subtle; tell them you’ve noticed that their eyebrows have changed. Then proceed to tell them you love the shape of their natural eyebrows and encourage them to let their eyebrows grow out. 

How do you get to know someone who doesn’t use Snapchat? Texting feels superficial and I hate FaceTime…

Snapchat has its perks, such as the ability to view photos and videos with text. However, I feel that a more meaningful relationship can be built through texting and phone calls. In my opinion, just a text asking about their day or their plans is a lot more effective than a mirror picture. Also, it’s always nice to meet in person! (Safely, of course.)

I’m in love with my best friend’s dad…

I think you may have some unresolved personal issues. I would go to a real therapist for this one.