Blinkerless Cars—At Last!

FINALLY! Americans Have Convinced Car Manufacturers To Stop Making Pointless Car Blinkers

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Blinkerless Cars—At Last!

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Americans all across the United States are petitioning and protesting to finally get rid of the pointless blinkers that take up space in our cars. The people are finally rising up and telling the car manufacturers the importance and improvement taking away turn signals will bring to the American people. Blinkers have been burdening the American people by giving the driver “another thing to do” while keeping the drive dull with little surprises and taking up valuable space in the vehicle while violating our children’s safety. The American people have had ENOUGH and are FINALLY! Taking the steps to abolish this pitiful component.

The question Americans have been asking for years is why would car manufacturers bring in a pointless switch created for “Safety” and “Awareness” when no American is aware of why to ever use it. We interviewed Americans to get their opinions and a common response we received was “I don’t see why they would give us another thing to do. Driving is difficult enough on its own, I would rather be on my phone than let other drivers know where I’m going and risk my safety.” Many of the interviews we conducted revealed that the American people see the car blinker as a pointless chore created by car manufacturers to make our days more stressful and driving less “fun”.  

Another concern many Americans had especially parents we interviewed was “what if my kid gets stalked because everyone on the road knows where they are going and could be easily followed. It really is just safer for them to not use it at all.” Why would we put American children at risk by letting everyone know where they are going on the road. The American citizens should be allowed freedom and privacy these blinkers are clearly violating but letting surrounding driver information on where you are headed.  

We all know the driving slump we all see on our daily commutes. Driving has gotten so boring and mundane that we are seeing drivers everywhere in a trance or hypnotized state known as “white line fever”. We need something to wake our commuters up and keep them focused on the road, and fast. The solution obviously is taking away blinkers. The logic behind this is if no one is signalling to other drivers where they are going then everyone on the road will have to pay more attention to the other drivers in order to get to where they need to be. This solution will make drivers everywhere more focused and aware of their surroundings and lowering the number of car accidents cross country.

The car blinker switch also takes up valuable space in the car that even a monkey could come up with a better use for the space. The switch could become a place to hold your phone, or a temperature regulator or even a way to let other drivers know where you intend to go. The possibilities are endless!!

We asked Americans everywhere if taking away car blinkers would be right for them. Almost all of the response we received said that in fact, their lives would improve with the abandoning of the car blinker. The areas we received to most positive responses in taking away blinkers were in downtown areas in Los Angeles and New York City and also we found vast positive responses all throughout the east coast and New England.

Car blinkers have been burdening our lives and commutes and Americans are finally rising up! Americans are praying their protests and petitioning will finally bring change and get rid of car blinkers till the end of time. Americans are finally through with the dangerous car blinkers bring by putting our children at risk, taking up space and making driving worse.