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BHS students awaiting the start of the Homecoming pep rally on Thursday, September 8th.

The Great Downfall of Pep

Jules Conners, News Editor January 7, 2023

The pep rally: an awkward, problematic waste of time at Boulder High. We lose valuable class time to accommodate these long rallies. Are they worth it?  The fundamental idea of the pep rally is truly...

Boulder Highs sports teams often get more attention than other programs.

School Spirit: More Harm Than Good?

Sophii Sherman, Opinions Editor October 1, 2022

During the most turbulent time of the school year, when class expectations and school year norms are still being solidified, when people are trying to settle into the academic year and prepare themselves...

An aerial shot of the vast and underpopulated Pit during the winter informal dance.

The Winter Informal: A Flop yet a Bop

Gavriel Mulligan, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 18, 2020

Saturday, Jan. 25, the date of the widely-unanticipated school informal dance. While I was aware on some level that informals are consistently less popular than their more glamorous counterparts, prom...

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