Lara Spijkerman
Lara is a senior at Boulder High who joined Newspaper when it was a club last year. She was interested in joining Newspaper because it gave her a chance to put more personality into her writing rather than the traditional, structural format used in class. For her, The Owl gives her the freedom to pursue topics of her interest and to express her opinions. Lara's main hope for The Owl this year is that it acts like a real newspaper. This means that new content is consistently created and kept up to date on current events. 

In her free time, Lara enjoys listening to music, watching The Bachelor franchise, and going to OrangeTheory. One of her odd quirks is that she dips her fries in mayo, which she recommends everyone try. If you were to offer Lara a choice between green or purple grapes, she would gladly choose purple grapes as she likes to freeze them as a summertime treat. This is another food hack that she insists people try.

Lara Spijkerman, News Editor

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Lara Spijkerman