Student Council Pancake Breakfast Recap


Picture #3: Student Council members Maya Roberts, junior, Drake Arthur, junior, and Maddie Hawk, senior, cooking the pancakes. Photo via Lara Spijkerman.

Boulder High School’s student council has been throwing the famed Pancake Breakfast during Spirit Week for years now.  According to Mr. Selnau, the STUCO sponsor, the Pancake Breakfast is a “long-standing tradition” that’s been going on for over a decade. They take funds raised from Homecoming and give it back to the community. While the Pancake Breakfast is one of the better-known uses of Homecoming funds, student council has some other fun activities planned for the future. They plan to roll out “spin the wheel” games during holidays. If you come to school decked out in spirit or holiday attire, you can spin the wheel and get prizes. So look out for that!

Since the Pancake Breakfast was organized as a fun activity to give back to the student body, student council made sure to be inclusive of the gluten-free community. Council member Maya Roberts said, “We’re doing the pancake breakfast because we care about our student body.”

Picture #2: Student council members Brooke Gordon, junior, Theo Suotronle, sophomore, and Sydney Fahn, freshman, showing their cooking utensils. Photo via Lara Spijkerman.

The Pancake Breakfast is especially convenient for students who come to school early in the morning. “I normally get to school really early so it’s just convenient,” said senior Sara Usher. Kate Schwab and Jane Dunbar, freshmen, expressed similar sentiments. Perhaps a reason for why the Pancake Breakfast is so popular is the fact that most seniors need to arrive before 8 a.m. to secure a place in the senior parking lot. 

Picture #4: Students Jane Dunbar, freshman, Kate Schwab, sophomore, and Sara Usher, senior, enjoying their pancakes. Photo via Lara Spijkerman.

Whether you’re forced to get to school early or not, the Pancake Breakfast is a great opportunity to hang out with friends, eat some delicious pancakes and take part in a school activity. So the next time a Pancake Breakfast is happening, get on down to the cafeteria.