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Tia Wagner

Tia Wagner, Staff writer

A senior at Boulder High, Tia developed her interest in journalism when she joined the newspaper club as a freshman. Over the course of her life, she’s cultivated a deep love of writing as an outlet and a stress-reliever, which lead her to participate in multiple literary classes, from Mythology to Creative Writing and finally, in her last year, Newspaper 1. In terms of her articles, she does not intend to focus on any particular topic but hopes she will be able to bring a fresh perspective to the paper. 


Tia’s hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and reading, preferably while sitting on her porch. She is a volunteer at the Humane Society and spends two hours a week taking care of the cats. Over the summer, she often disappears for a month or two at a time to live in her family’s shared cabin, a house so deep in the woods it doesn’t have cell-service, and this year she used that trip to learn how to drive a boat. She also received a very brief lesson on flying while she sat in the co-pilot's chair of a single-engine plane, but as someone who doesn’t even have her driver’s license, she won’t be pursuing a career of that sort.


Her favorite food is huckleberries, which have yet to be domesticated and therefore require her to spend hours off-trail kneeling and picking from wild bushes. She likes baking as long as she doesn’t have to clean up afterward. Though she knows most would not agree, she prefers green grapes over red ones, for reasons she can’t quite grasp but which might have something to do with the color.

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Tia Wagner