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Sydney Trebus

Sydney Trebus, Business Manager

Sydney is a senior this year, taking her final classes to fill her graduation requirements, as well as the unique classes offered at Boulder High such as Newspaper. In joining The Owl community, she hopes to improve her writing in a more journalistic- and opinionated-based style. Additionally, she is excited to reach a broader audience within the school, rather than writing for teachers or a grade. She believes joining a class and community like this will lead her to learn more styles and ideas to succeed past high school. When not focusing her energy on school, Sydney dances, hoping to be a professional dancer in the near future. She is inspired by the strength and grace dancers fight for to succeed, knowing that only few make it within the grueling competition that is dance. She isn’t all work though -- humor is a big part of her personality and she values communication with those around her. Something Sydney is incredibly proud of is her extensive sock collection, containing fuzzy socks, animal socks, toe socks, knee high socks, and more. Sydney loves food very much, eating almost all the time with any food she can find. And while she will eat almost anything, she has a preference for red/purple grapes over green grapes, in favor of the crisp texture and sweet flavor.

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Djibril Doumbia: A Fearless Athlete

Sydney Trebus, Business Manager May 6, 2020

“Once a panther, always a panther,” Coach Hardy Kalisher shared, in his words, “One of the top high school goalkeepers to ever come out of Boulder County,” Djibril Doumbia. Djibril’s legacy lives...

Coronavirus History

Sydney Trebus, Business Manager May 4, 2020

The coronavirus has proven its impact on communities across the globe through its ability to spread easily, quickly and efficiently. It has left communities with few resources and limited solutions, and...

A simple set up that all high school students need to succeed: Computer, Water Bottle, and Advil.

Preparing for College: An Uphill Road

Sydney Trebus, Business Manager February 25, 2020

College. A long, stressful, and intense process that seems to originate in the womb. Now, this may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but please, let me explain. College today is all about money; if you...

When Do the Holidays Really Begin?

Joseph Mulligan and Sydney Trebus January 7, 2020

Why people shouldn't think about the holidays too early: by Joe Mulligan, Copy Editor Everyone loves some Christmas cheer. Seeing the lights and trees and Santa beards brings light to all but the...

Is Excessive Homework the Cause of Many Teen Issues?

Sydney Trebus, Business Manager September 15, 2019

Does excessive homework really make a student perform worse? Is homework a big influencer on the emotional and physical health of students? Can we change the bad reputation homework has obtained over the...

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