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Max Kabjian is a senior at Boulder High School and an Editorial Editor for The Owl. In the classroom, he loves history, economics, and writing and is an active participant in a number of clubs such as FBLA, ethics bowl, and debate. When not drowning in hours of homework, Max enjoys going to the gym and then instantly regaining those burnt calories in the kitchen. He also enjoys writing, (largely non-fiction and poetry) as a means of escape from the stresses of the day. This is his first year in Newspaper, though he’s been voicing his opinions, often rather loudly, for years. Max’s topical interests span vastly, from global politics and law, to the arbitrary and silly; there is little that he won’t try to make sense of. His favorite food is an absolute tie between pasta and sushi, but he will accept either as a token of admiration. Max is often described as a very spirited elderly man by his friends, as his afternoons often consist of “old people music” and chess. Though he is Italian, and thus loves red wine (the main ingredient in the beverage being red grapes), there is nothing quite like a firm, green grape.


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One of the many stained glass windows that adorn the east wall of the 100F Boulder Chapter. These windows can be seen from the street at 16th and Pearl.

Pearl’s Not-So-Secret

Max Kabjian, Editorial Editor February 26, 2024

With many of Boulder High seniors turning 18 this year, many are asking themselves what to do upon reaching the milestone of adulthood. Some register to vote, join the military, or perhaps even get their...

A local hipster (who will remain unnamed) wears Carhartt double-front work pants in the classroom.

Is Buying Work Wear Unethical?

Max Kabjian December 21, 2023

Fashion trends today seem just about as arbitrary as a tropical storm, crashing into whatever they please, seemingly without reason. As of late, the arbiters of style have found a new interest: workwear. ...

A Drop in the Ocean: Will the COP28 Do More Harm than Good? A Drop in the Ocean: Will the COP28 Do More Harm than Good? 100% 12

A Drop in the Ocean: Will the COP28 Do More Harm than Good? A Drop in the Ocean: Will the COP28 Do More Harm than Good? 100% 12

Max Kabjian December 21, 2023

Starting on November 30th, Dubai will host the 2023 Conference of the Parties; this event, known as COP28, is one of the largest annual meetings of leaders from around the globe. Delegations from all major...

Band Teacher Mr. Bryson conducts the full Boulder High Orchestra as they play The Phantom of Opera perhaps the most famous song in musical theatre.

Orchestra Showcase

Max Kabjian October 26, 2023

From loud, booming drums to delicate strings, the 2023 Music Department showcase was a diverse representation of BHS’s most talented student musicians. This yearly event serves to introduce new Boulder...

Unwritten Rules of the Gym

Unwritten Rules of the Gym

Alex Spiridellis and Max Kabjian October 18, 2023

Whether you're a seasoned gym bro or fresh into the world of fitness, it can be a daunting and unruly place. With hordes of tank-top-wearing prepubescents and middle-aged women milling around, there is...

Stroads: America’s Modern Infrastructural Plague

Molly Dembo and Max Kabjian September 26, 2023

Not a street, not a road; stroads represent a continuity of overbudgetted and dangerous transportation trends in America. To better understand  the detriments of such a development, it is important to...

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