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Ava Quinn proudly occupies the role of Insights and Features Editor, hoping to untangle the intricate labyrinth of human decisions that shape our daily lives. The journey to becoming an Insights and Features Editor commenced with a mundane task: grocery shopping. What was once a choice between green and purple grapes has blossomed into a bewildering array of options. The astonishing transformation of "purple" from a mere color to an embodiment of diversity in grapekind—encapsulating the allure of sweet cotton candy grapes, the elegance of champagne grapes, the nostalgic joy of candy concord grapes, the ease of consumption of thomcord grapes, and even the whimsical charm of moondrop grapes. Amidst this broad network of purple grape options, Ava is captivated by the enigma that "green" has remained a steadfast, albeit overlooked secondary grape option as purple rightfully maintains its grasp on its thorough representation of grape potential. Inspired to untangle this grocery story mystery and many others, Ava Quinn hopes to shed some light on the often-overlooked intricacies and controversies of everyday life. 

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Ku Cha strives to deepen their patrons connection with tea through all elements in their store. In an interview with 5280, Pan says. “Outside of China, most people don’t connect tea with art and culture. We want to make that connection.”

Ku Cha House of Tea

Ava Quinn, Insights & Features February 26, 2024

In my view, the most inconspicuous shop in the middle of Pearl Street, Ku Cha House of Tea, boasts the most charming and serene cafe in Boulder.   Rong Pan and her husband Qin Liu, the owners of the...

The Search for Coffee

Ava Quinn October 26, 2023

As the weather cools and autumn rolls in, hot beverages and seasonal specialty menus put coffee shops on everyone’s minds. To truly discover what coffee shop offers the best autumn experience, I had...

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