The Catchiest Pro-Trump Anthems


Isabel Oliver

The Trump 2020 and 2016 campaign team have used multiple different Pro-Trump anthems throughout their campaigning; these are just the best three.

Now that the four long years of a Trump presidency are finally almost over, I have a confession to make. I love right-wing Pro-Trump anthems. While I am in no way a Trump supporter, now that President Donald Trump has been voted out of office, I feel confident enough to admit my guilty pleasure and encourage you to check out some of these monumental works of songwriting art. But where to start, you ask? Here are the top three Trump songs ranked. 


#3: The Official Donald Trump Jam (Cowardice Are You Serious?) – USA Freedom Kids

This song, first sung at a 2016 Trump rally by the USA Freedom Kids, has recently regained popularity among teenagers on TikTok. The song is insanely catchy and is accompanied by some very fun dance moves. The best part of all of it is that the Trump campaign didn’t pay the group the 25,000 dollars and merch stand they were promised and the group decided to sue. However, they dropped the lawsuit later that year and took a hiatus from performing after the “political toll.”

Artistic Rendition of the USA Freedom Kids performance at a 2016 Trump Rally. (Isabel Oliver)


Some of my favorite lyrics include: 

“When freedom rings—

Answer the call!

On your feet!

Stand up tall!

Freedom’s on our shoulders.




#2: The Trump Song (Oh My God I Will Vote) – Los 3 de la Habana 

This infectious Trump song has both a Spanish and English version. Whether or not you agree with the message, there’s no denying that this song makes you want to dance. Los 3 de la Habana, a Cuban band, consists of director Germán Pinelli, Ana Paez and Tirso Luis Paez. The two men sing through the chorus as Ana breaks through to deliver verses with her powerful vocals. While I disagree with the message of this song, artistically, it is incredible and if you listen to the Spanish version, it’s an opportunity to practice another language.

Artistic rendition of Los 2 de La Habana cover for the Trump song. (Isabel Oliver)


The Most Notable Lyrics: 

“Oh my God I will vote 

I will vote for Donald Trump” 







#1: Real Women Vote Trump – The Deplorable Choir

Any teen on TikTok is sure to recognize this country tune that depicts what “real women” believe. The song boasts of inclusivity and love before quickly shifting into Trump propaganda—an individual that doesn’t seem to preach or believe inclusivity or the things they are singing about. While the song has become popular among Trump voters, it’s even more popular with left-leaning teens who even make parodies of the song, including fun lines like “Real Women, COOK THEIR HUSBANDS. We don’t need no HUSBANDS.” Some groups have even made Joe Biden parodies of the song, referring to Trump as a “Cheeto” due to his orange spray tan.

Artistic rendition of the Deplorable Choir singing Real Women. (Isabel Oliver)


The Best Lyrics include: 

“Don’t care if you’re White

We don’t care if you’re Black 

We don’t care if you’re gay 

We’re all under attack. 

We don’t care if you’re rich

We don’t care if you’re poor

We all know

What we’re fighting for 

Real Women,



Honorable Mention: I F*****g Hate Donald Trump – Dean Simmons

While this is in no way a Pro-Trump song (it’s actually quite the opposite). I figured it was worth mentioning just to add a little spice. Not unlike the last one, this is also a catchy country song; however, unlike “real women,” it rejects Trump and his bad morals. This song is perfect for a nice fall day, thanking the American population for voting out Donald Trump.