8th Grade Transition Night a Smashing Success


Gathered in Boulder High’s auditorium, incoming freshman and their parents buzz in anticipation for the start of the event.

Eleanore Hoffmeyer, Staff Writer

The 8th grade transition night was a smashing success. The event, designed to inform incoming freshman and their parents on course selection as well as the Boulder High community, The event, which started at 6, had a huge turnout, filling up the auditorium with some overflow. Parents and students, mainly from Boulder High feeder middle schools, came to the event. Parent Erik Hanson said that this was “his third kid at Boulder High,” and mentioned how he was excited for him to “start the high school journey and wanted him to learn about his school.”

The event started in the auditorium, with organizations setting up tables outside the entrance. Students were handed yellow sheets informing them on course selection and were welcomed to find a seat in the quickly filling auditorium. The night started off with introductions of the school’s administration as well as introductions of some parent-run organizations associated with the school, such as Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and Instrumental Music Parents Association (IMPA). Mr. Bloom, one of the many counselors at Boulder High, then dove into a presentation about course selections. Students were mainly informed on the choice of choosing advanced classes, as students were advised on the rigor of the classes at Boulder High. 

There was a definite buzz in the auditorium, as prospective students seemed excited about the new future of high school. Mac Leary, an 8th grader at Manhattan, said that he was “excited to go to Boulder High” and that “it was better than Fairview” It seems that indoctrination regarding our cross-town rivals starts young. Rebecca Kless, another 8th grader at Manhattan, said that she chose to go to Boulder High because of the “Spanish program”. 

After an hour-long presentation, students and their parents were given the opportunity to go to the gym, cafeteria, and library to talk to teachers and learn about classes, resources, and opportunities in the school. Boulder High’s pep band played energetic tunes in the cafeteria, demonstrating the talent of the school’s music program. 

All and all, the night provides a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to learn about their new school. Welcome, class of 2024!