BHS Artist Spotlight: Laura Younge


Amara Uvalle-Ordonez

"Hunger Not Even Stars Could Satisfy" 18" x 24," oil on canvas.

Amara Uvalle-Ordonez, Staff Writer

Many art students choose to take AP Art and Design as upperclassmen. One of those students is Laura Younge, a senior at Boulder High. She’s won many awards for her art including the Pearl Street Banner award and the Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key. Her art style is distinct: notably, her use of mixed media which allows her to have a unique sense of color and blending. AP Art and Design requires students to visually explore a theme of their choosing and Laura’s concentration is gaslighting and self-loathing. She puts care into each of her paintings, and although she’ll deny the genius of her work, it’s clear that Laura Younge is on a path to become a renowned artist. 

How long have you been doing art?

For a long time, probably since I could pick up a crayon.

Amara Uvalle-Ordonez
“She Loves Like Mold”
18″ x 24″ painted in Acrylic and Gouache

How long have you been taking art classes at Boulder High?

I’ve taken an art class every year since freshman year. 

What is your favorite piece you’ve produced?

I don’t really have a favorite; to be honest, I secretly hate all of them. I guess I’m the most proud of my recent paintings since they’re the most sophisticated.

Amara Uvalle-Ordonez
Senior Laura Younge poses for a portrait. Younge has painted several pieces in her lifetime and says she’s been drawing “since she could pick up a crayon.”

About how many pieces have you created?

I’ve made about 50 pieces in high school. 

Do you plan on pursuing art as a career? Or as a major in college?

Yes, I’m applying primarily to art schools, so it’s too late to back out now. I plan on specifically majoring in painting or fashion design.