Biggest School Pet Peeves: Student Edition


Lauren Carvalho

Boulder High

Lauren Carvalho, Staff Writer

From those who block doors, to talking to teachers, to a group of friends blocking the hallways, we all have that one pet-peeve that drives us absolutely insane. This article will hopefully shed light on many occurring nuances that riddles this school. Here are some students’ responses.


“Slowly moving people or people just standing in the hallway or people trying to go against the flow of people like please move we have places to be. People standing in the middle of the hallway can burn in hell.” ~Senior Diego Bedoya. 

I agree Diego, I agree.


“Chewing gum with your mouth open. This is disgusting!!!” ~ Senior Lili Stevens

This seems like it should be a common courtesy. We aren’t animals. This isn’t a farm. 


“When they clean away the interesting writing on the stalls!” ~ Junior Ella Blankinship

I agree. Where else am I going to get inspiration to keep smiling throughout my day? That boys aren’t worth my time?? A lot of the quotes were truly motivating. 


And finally, this eye-opening gem. 

“Teachers who have high expectations. Like some teachers give out way too much homework, thinking ohh one hour of homework isn’t that bad. But in reality, time is limited and if we have 1 hour of homework for each class then it really adds up. We also have extra circulars, work, and our social lives that take up an absorbent amount of time. All in all, teachers who expect too much out of a class should be ready to be disappointed. As I, like most, would rather look back at my high school experience knowing that I spent my time having fun rather than spending my time trying to please a teacher with unreasonable expectations.” ~ Senior Jay Meyers

Out of all my responses, this was by far the most valid and well-put point. Many of us have a life outside of school, even if teachers would like to think otherwise. Besides, a lot of my own homework feels like busywork, and I know a lot of students feel the same way.