Binge Recommendations

Not satisfied by your endless phone scrolling? Feeling bored of rewatching The Office over and over? Maybe it’s time to expand your horizons from your menial, time-wasting entertainment routine and find a new show to binge. If you’re not going to be doing anything productive, you might as well be watching something that’s actually worth your time. For all Netflix subscribers, here are few shows that may interest you and add some value to your meaningless free time.

Breaking Bad – A heart-racing series that has something for all fans to enjoy, this story follows a dying high school chemistry teacher who decides to cook meth to pay his medical bills and support his family. Lots of drama and action and just a hint of romance combine to make an extremely enticing show. Addiction to crystal meth is not required to be entertained by Vince Gilligan’s Emmy winning work. After finishing the show, one may want to satisfy their newfound need for a continuation of the story, which can be appeased by Better Call Saul, a prequel to the series, and El Camino, a movie that recently came out on Netflix that brings a close to the enthralling story.

Arrested Development – The lesser-known cousin of sorts to The Office is a clever, hilarious show that documents the life of a spoiled family in disarray. The show is full of witty, surprising laughs that in many cases require watching an episode multiple times to catch every joke. Any super-fans of The Office or Parks And Recreation are bound to love this series.

The Good Place – Ever wonder what the afterlife is like? The Good Place, made by the same creator of The Office and Parks and Recreation) takes a dive into what happens after you die. Despite ostensibly being a desolate topic, the show finds its ways to be primarily a joyous and cheerful show with a set design that makes one feel contented. The main plot of the show follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), a woman who finds herself mistakenly placed in the “good place” after an ill-behaved life, which brings many ensuing conflicts. If you ever need a show to feel good, The Good Place should be what you’re watching.

Glee – I mean c’mon, it’s Glee, man. You can’t not watch this show.