Student Voices: Trump Impeachment

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Cartoon by Lillian Ruelle.

Akasha Brahmbhatt, Webmaster

Nowadays, the only person that seems to be in the news is Donald Trump.  Recently, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the beginning of formal impeachment procedures. The procedures began when President Trump admitted to asking the Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, who is campaigning for presidency in the upcoming election season. America seems to be split about this, and all the mainstream media seems to be fixated on the opinions of adults able to vote. However, many current high school students will be able to vote in the next election, and Boulder High students seem to have a variety of opinions on the impeachment controversy and its political ramifications. Despite the controversy of the subject, it is important to provide young voters with a platform to voice their views. While walking the school, I met students with aggressive opinions on the topic as well as some who have no idea what’s going on. Here’s what they had to say.

How do you feel about the Trump impeachment?

Junior Luke Leavitt says, “Trump has done some things that are wrong, however impeachment could make matters worse.”

Ella Riccio, Junior, says, “I feel like it’s a step in a good direction.”

Darrow Adderholt, Junior, says, ”I’m not a Trump fan, that should just be said. I think that the timing is very poor with the election season coming up, they could not have chosen a worse time for this to be coming up. I think that he’s guilty. I wouldn’t put it past him, but the timing is so unfortunate. I think that it is being mishandled. The impeachment should have started further back in his  presidential term.” 

Allison Lydic grade, Sophomore, says, “I’m slightly relieved that we wouldn’t have someone who is immature and could get better person in office”.

Have you been keeping up with the impeachment news?

Junior Ella Riccio says, “Not as much as I should have; come to think of it, no not really.”

Senior Naomi Ellis says, “Not really, I just know that it’s happening.”

Sophomore Allison Lydic says, “Not a whole bunch”.

Sophomore Darrow Adderholt says, “I don’t really talk about it with my family, but I have been keeping a ‘side eye’ on it.”

As a teenager in high school, do you think it affects you?

Junior Ella Riccio says, “The fact that I’ll be able to vote in the next election affects me, and it will affect everyone who can vote. It will make people think who they are voting for.”

Senior Naomi Ellis says, “I don’t think it really will affect me, I won’t vote for him whether he is there or not.”

Sophomore Allison Lydic says, “It affects me the same way as everyone else my age, but I think people in my grade can help educate people who might not know what is happening.”

Sophomore Darrow Adderholt says, “I won’t be voting in the next election; However, it affects the United States because we have always been unstable, but now we look unstable to the rest of the  world.” 

Do you think impeachment is a justifiable action for this situation?

Junior Ella Riccio says, “I think so, yes, it should at least put under review.”

Senior Naomi Ellis says, “Yes, there is enough evidence now to make it justifiable.” 

Sophomore Darrow Adderholt says, “Yes, I think that impeachment has been justifiable for his entire presidency.” 

Our 45th President Donald Trump for his White House portrait. By Shealah Craighead – White House, Public Domain. Via Creative Commons.

America is torn, Boulder High is torn. Now matter what political affiliation you stand with, you have a voice. Talking politics is not exactly pleasant or pleasurable for everyone, but knowing and understanding what is happening in your county is an important part of taking stances on something you believe merits attention and opinion. This impeachment process is still in the works, and the only clear conclusion we can draw at this point it that it will only become more controversial from here.