Biology and Television… Connected?

Biology and Television... Connected?

Audrey Maloney, Staff Writer

Some students in Boulder High find biology class captivating not too long after starting it. However, we all know more students have a preference for social media, video games, and TV. Luckily, some students have found a mysteriously miraculous solution to this problem. The answer? Readers, prepare to be shocked! I, Audrey Maloney, will reveal the hidden secret of television’s relationship with biology.

Not too many have noticed it but in every TV program, there is evidence of sample bias, a type of bias that has a group that is specifically chosen. Whether it’s Fox News, Nickelodeon, PBS, or Cartoon Network, it’s showing up constantly (Ex: Teen Titans Go! Robin constantly takes sample bias for his opinions: himself). If you look closely, dear readers who have taken Biology, you might say: ¨Hey, isn’t that sample bias?” If you’re talking about commercials that use advertising to demonstrate how good something is, why yes, yes it is. The commercials may be widely ignored when it comes to the scientific perspective, but if teens with brains meant for biology and tv start speaking out, they will change the face of science!  So, readers, be sure to study biology, study sample bias in commercials, and talk to teachers about breaking walls using this article.