Underrated musicians: Jack Stauber


Lillian Ruelle, Staff Writer

Jack Stauber is a wonderful weirdo. He uses the weirdest lyrics and sounds that make the most pure thing. It’s a very particular taste. No song of his is the same; however, most have an 80’s feel. He was born in the U.S on April 6th 1996 and now, at 23 years old, he has produced ten albums—all of a bizarre genre.

The album Pop Food was released in 2017 and has some of his best cheery songs. For example; “Buttercup,” “I Understand,” and “Bothersome” are so charming and happy with little feels of summer and pop. Along with his happy go lucky songs, he has some that fit into the sadder side. “Coconut Ranger” and “Pizza Boy” are sad but very warming in a weird way. These are from his album “HiLo” released 2018. His album “HiLo” is so extremely catchy. “Cunk” from this album is a good introduction to his style. “I’m only here because of reason, I close my eyes there goes a season” and “Monsters in his keep, if we keep quiet we’ll be safe.” Both have a sort of funny sound but are drastically different. The intro of this song has a very proper sound and a weary sad voice. It gives chills because it feels so real. Then the next part is completely different, funny and charming. His voice goes from very classical to impossible to understand. “Dead Weight” (HiLo) has the same sound and voice through the whole thing. “Leopard” (HiLo) has so many different sounds and changes left and right.

His stuff gives you something to explore. Along with the bizarre music comes the music videos. He animates and creates all the themes for his videos. Jack uses a combination of 2-D animation, claymation and live action to go along with his songs. All of his videos are meant to give a “lost VHS tape found” vibe. The “Dead Weight” music video has a good example of his particular cinematic taste using all the styles previously mentioned. Along with his full length songs, he produces short “musicals” for Adult Swim. You may be able to catch them in between commercial breaks later at night.  “SHOP- A Pop Opera”, is his most recent appearance on Adult Swim. Mostly using claymation, he creates an emotional trip to the grocery store with a catchy twist. “MILK”, a drama about expired milk. Sounds absurd, but that’s the point. His sound is like no other in wonderful way. I have been able to divide all the songs from “HiLo” into four categories: exploratory, chill vibes, sad times, and happy as all get out.

I would describe Jack Stauber as weird gone magnificent. A true humble gem, only found every once in awhile, that’s worth keeping in your pocket to show other people. So go for it, explore this little gem that will one day turn into a museum piece.

Song and album suggestions:   

Finite Form produced 2013 is Jack Stauber’s second album which a very relaxing less “chaotic” feel

HiLo produced 2018 by Jack Stauber

Pop Food produced 2017 by Jack Stauber