Braving the Shave


Kirsten Boyer

From left to right: Klaus Heiman (sophomore), Annika Boyer (junior), Martha Riedel (junior), and Mr. Boyer

On Thursday, March 14th, over one hundred adults and students gathered in Boulder High School’s main gym to support childhood cancer research. Each year more than 300,000 children and teens worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. The Boulder High community is actively working to reduce this staggering statistic through its annual St. Baldrick’s Day event which raises money to conquer this terrible disease.

Students, teachers, and members of the Boulder community worked together to generate donation funds. Most notable were the contributions by the BHS Mountain Biking team (over $15,000), Team Jules (over $8,000), and Flyers Gymnastics (over $1,000). Crowds of onlookers watched in excitement as dozens of supporters “braved the shave.”

Annika Boyer, a junior at BHS, was a stand-out shavee. Not only did she raise $6,264.24, but she shaved off all 30 inches of her hair. According to her dad, Mr. Boyer, “Annika has never had short hair in her life!”

Kirsten Boyer
Kirsten Boyer
Annika Boyer (junior)… well the picture says it all.

Other memorable head-shavers included Mr. Mydans, Jasper Burak, and Libby Silvester. The afternoon featured speeches, head shaving, pizza and snacks, a live band, head art, and a festival of love.

Kirsten Boyer
Jasper Burak (senior) tames the beast before setting it free.

Fortunately some of those who have battled cancer emerge victorious, notably beloved Boulder High students Martha Riedel and Joaquin Stewart-LaGrave. But many are not so fortunate. Just last week, 19-year-old Boulderite Jules Laurita passed away after a brave fight against brain cancer.

As Mr. O’Block emphasized in his speech, “Children’s cancer affects all ethnic, gender and socio-economic groups — around the world, even in our own community.”

Martha Riedel, BHS junior and competitive mountain biker, shared her personal story at the event. She described her journey with Ewing Sarcoma — the diagnosis, treatment, relapse, and ultimate triumph over the disease. The mother of Joaquin Stewart-LaGrave, a sophomore and elite BHS soccer player, spoke about his struggle with Sarcoma. Together, the community celebrated that both Martha and Joaquin are now cancer free! Their stories clearly show that we must keep fighting to cure childhood cancers.

Kirsten Boyer
Mr. Mydans smiles through the shearing of his highland locks.

In total, the event raised over $43,000! We can all be proud of that figure. However, this number (while significant), barely makes a dent in the cost of cancer treatment; the costs for chemotherapy alone can be as high as $30,000 over an eight-week period. If you missed a chance to contribute, you are encouraged to donate now through the website or by phone: (888) 899-2253. Your donation will help find cures for childhood cancers and support patients’ cancer treatment. Perhaps you will even decide to “brave the shave” in the coming years.