Ruby Link
Ruby, a senior at Boulder High, is a first-year member of the Owl and hopes to explore the world of journalism through the eyes of a writer. While she isn't new to this style of writing, she has taken many years off from it and is excited to dive back in. Over the last year, The Owl caught her attention as she continued to read the funny, informative, or controversial articles her classmates had produced the year before. She is thrilled to take on stories in multiple categories of the newspaper and find her strengths in each. While she enjoys writing, you can also find Ruby biking over a mountain, kicking a ball around a field, bingeing a new TV series, or torturing her beloved siblings (they love it). While she understands the merit of both green and purple grapes, it is with great sadness to share that she likes neither and would prefer to stay away from the squishy, explosive fruit.

Ruby Link, Staff writer

Oct 26, 2020
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Sep 15, 2020
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Ruby Link