Lillian Ruelle
As a freshman and sophomore, Lillian was a member of the Newspaper Club at Boulder High. She is following in her father’s footsteps as he does work as a journalist and cartoonist. This is only part of the reason Lillian is excited to be a member of The Owl. To her, the newspaper is a fun and new thing to do. During this year as an “Owly,” she hopes to write as many things as possible just to get ahead of the game - within reason, of course. This provides her with an opportunity to push herself and grow as a journalist. One thing that inspires Lillian is those dang kids. They are new to the world, which leads them to have a very positive outlook on life, and reminds her that in the end things will work out. In today’s world, that can be refreshing for anyone. Heroes come in many shapes and sizes, for Lillian her heroes take shape as her parents. Her mom puts up with her shenanigans and supports her with many things and her dad provides empathy and support for her as an artist. Outside of school Lillian enjoys drawing, rollerblading, and being in nature. You may also find her playing with her pet tarantula, Schnitzel. Finally, when it comes to the tricky question of green or purple grapes, Lillian would choose green.

Lillian Ruelle , Writer/Cartoonist

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Lillian Ruelle